Gus Farias of VolumesAlice CooperAnders Fridén of In FlamesChris Barretto of MonumentsCorey Glover and Doug Wimbish of Living ColourCorey Taylor of SlipknotDarkest HourDead To FallEluveitie and The Agonist LiveGary Holt of Exodus/SlayerIce-T and Danny Leal (Upon A Burning Body)Javier Reyes of Animals As LeadersJesse Hasek of 10 YearsJill Janus of Huntress Justin Hawkins of The DarknessKerry King of SlayerKing DiamondKlaus Meine of ScorpionsLacuna Coil LiveMaria Brink of In This MomentMark Osegueda of Death AngelMetal AllegianceMikey Carvajal of IslanderRay Luzier of KornRob ZombieRobb Flynn of Machine HeadRudolf Schenker of ScorpionsSpencer Sotelo of PeripherySworn Enemy 2015The Devin Townsend ProjectVan HalenVeil of Maya 2015Vernon Reid of Living Colour w/ Alex Skolnick of TestamentVille Valo of H.I.MWhitechapel

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