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Derek Soto – Freelance Digital Media & Journalism

Sinestra Studios is a full-fledged freelance website dedicated to serving the Music industry. Since its creation in 2009, Sinestra has touched base AND created foundations within the departments of photography, journalism and film. Each piece of media here is all original, focusing within full detailed experiences of shows and interviews within the Rock & Roll Community. This website is meant to allow richer experiences and details for an audience of all ages. This BLOG is also a portfolio, showcasing the best work utilized in all departments and also houses all my journalism work from assignments given by those who seek a brand new, refreshing experience. With work spanning to companies such as Ibanez Guitars, Orange Amplifications, Rockstar Energy, Revolver magazine, Fuse, Billboard and even The National Association of Music Merchants convention also known as (NAMM). My work has graced the best. From cameraman, to photographer, to writer, to historian… please enjoy it all, and contact me if you are interested in collaborations, assignments, or contracted work. Thank you.